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New Madison Brewing Logo
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open Fridays and Saturdays


Our tap room at the brewery is 21-and-over only, and we'll be serving up pints, flights, growlers, kegs and snacks. We know you might want more than just a snack with your beer, so you're welcome to bring your own food! You may even see a food truck out here every now and again - but don't worry, we'll post any food truck dates on our social media feeds to keep you in the loop! Please, no pets.


Additionally, we want to make sure you can get our beer around Madison wherever you usually go! That means we're working with local bars, restaurants and liquor stores to help us get our beer out in the wild. We've already got taps in and around Madison, IN! If you don't see one of our taps at your favorite watering hole... ask them to get New Madison Brewing on the list!! We'd certainly appreciate it, cheers!


Meet The Team


Nick Privette

Chief Executive Manager

...makes the beer.


Daryl Hardesty

Chief Operating Manager

...keeps Nick in check.


Chris Bratten

Brand Manager

...sweet logo, right?

After home-brewing for the better part of a decade, Nick was convinced by these other two guys (as well as pretty much anyone who tried his beers) that it was a good idea to share his brews with the city of Madison at large! After breaking ground on our building on December 26th, 2017, New Madison Brewing Company opened the taproom on May 25th, 2019.


Yes we all still have day jobs, and that might make us crazy. But we're crazy about beer. And we hope you'll be crazy about our beer. Your beer. Made right here in Madison. Cheers!!

About our logo

A couple of us are big soccer fans, so we started with a shield shape and included elements that represented Madison. Within the shield the N and the M (patriotically printed in blue and red on a white background) form the trusswork of the Milton-Madison bridge with the Ohio River below. And instead of the stars traditionally added for each championship a team has won, we've added three hops, one for each founding member.

The design language is clean, simple and purposeful. Just like our beer. Cheers!

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